Word file generation

How to generate Word files

We can take print PDFs, scanned PDFs or hard copy and capture them into a Word file. This can then be stylised to the original, edited, or reset dependent on the customer’s wishes.

To capture the Word files we use one of the following processes depending on the legibility of the source files:

  • Double entry and verify: this system is for copy which is difficult to read. It involves two operators keying the same text and any differences highlighted, verified and amalgamated into one complete text.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): computer software is used to translate the text in the copy to a Word file format. It is then manually checked and corrected by an operator against the original.

Why Word files?

The generation of Word files is key to the initial process of creating web-ready PDFs, XML or InDesign files for production. We can use formats other than Word, depending on a client’s needs. Once this stage is completed, typesetting and digitising can begin!

word file generation image