Scanning for Print-on-Demand (POD)

We are conversant in scanning hard-copy books, which can then be prepared for Print-on-Demand services. These can include greyscale images, which may incur an extra charge for those pages.

We can take your hard-copy documents and scan them, then use our OCR software to convert the files. These electronic files can then be used for either electronic publishing, print-on-demand or archiving.

For books containing colour images, we can scan straight to e-book. We have local contacts who have specialised services in printing, if it is required.

One of our customers, Dove Publishing, is a good example of the above. They supply colour photographs which we then digitise to produce images suitable for e-book production. This system could also be useful for any digitising of dated or important images.

Scanning for Print-on-Demand image