Digital media

Why digital?

As the publishing industry changes and develops, we try to evolve with it. The ease-of-use of e-book versions of medical and academic texts proves that typesetting and digital media go hand-in-hand.

Our research and development team have built a variety of internal web-based applications designed to assist us in the provision of consistently high-quality products.

Web-ready PDFs

We can produce web-ready PDF files of your work to fulfil your online requirements, with downsampled artwork and navigation.


Created using application files from Quark or InDesign in the following formats:

  • EPUB (flowable and fixed)
  • KF8 (flowable and fixed)
  • Mobi Pocket
  • E-PDF

E-books can also be produced from PDFs, hard copy or any other archival data.

They are a standard deliverable for many of our customers and are included in the typesetting page rate.


We are proficient in the generation of XML to a customer’s DTD, Schema or any other specification.

digital media image

We also supply a live XML feed of the UK Ambulance Services Clinical Practice Guidelines and various localised ambulance trusts’ manuals, including East of England Ambulance Services Clinical Manual, to an app-developer who work alongside Class Publishing.

They have created an app which is an essential tool for paramedics and ambulance staff throughout the UK. This app model has been so successful that more and more ambulance trusts are getting involved in this software. Click here for the website.