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The Process

We can take your handwritten or electronic manuscript and convert it into Word format. From that we are able to create a variety of formats – PDF, e-books, or a printed and bound book.

We’re rooting for the underdogs

There is a lot of competition out there: the publishing world is big, scary and daunting. For a first-time author or a person on a budget, a lot of it is unnecessary. So we’ve made it very simple:

  • Step one: the manuscript
  • Getting the best out of your work, we’ll help with the proofing, the editorial and the typesetting stages as much or as little as you’d like.

  • Step two: the book
  • Depending on what you want, we can create e-books, print-ready PDFs and web-based options too – maybe you want your book to have its own website – we can help with set up and design.

  • Step three: we’ve got you covered
  • Our in-house illustration service is at your beck and call for designing a front cover or redrawing artwork.

    Our wonderful neighbours Clays can make a beautiful paperback or hardback book as the final product, and they can also provide distribution solutions if you choose; or you can peddle your wares yourself!