Secure typesetting

secure typesetting image

What is secure typesetting?

Many large companies require confidentiality when producing certain documents. We have a purpose-built secure typesetting room for undertaking any work of a confidential nature.

The secure work can range from a famous author’s latest releases to confidential documents; from this year’s exam papers to next year’s bestseller.

From typesetting to quality control and proofreading, we ensure all the secure work is completed under one roof.

How do we keep data secure?

We secure the room by the following means:

  • Locked doors with keyfob entry
  • CCTV recording
  • A strict policy of no mobile phones, personal recording equipment or tablets allowed inside
  • An isolated network forbidding access to the internet
  • Our members of staff have all signed a non-disclosure.

The Secret Keepers!

We were asked to undertake a very high-profile top-secret project by a customer, which we had to keep on the down-low. They were so impressed with the work carried out with such a professional and confidential manner that they asked us to do the next instalment of the project as well. It was a pretty big deal.