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We don’t just ‘set’ the type

Once upon a time, yes, typesetting involved melting metal and archaically piecing letters together on a rack like a jigsaw puzzle. Now, since the computer revolutionised print in general, we have a more simplistic method of typesetting, mostly done in InDesign (the industry standard format).

Our weapons of mass-production include:
  • database software
  • bespoke scripts
  • data translation programs
  • in-house typesetting software.

To assure the quality is maintained, we have an excellent project management team overseeing each process.

So if you have any kind of source file and want it beautifying, tidying-up, proofing or simply print-ready PDFs produced, we would happily take on your project.

No job is too big or too small!


Professionally trained operators and readers are the vanguard of our production department, and we take great pride and satisfaction in creating beautiful pages.

Our highly experienced production team are well-versed in bespoke projects. We will be able to quote competitively and meet agreed turnaround times with first-class quality.

We have experience with the following:

We can meet all your typographic requirements!

The benefits of a database

We have varying database-driven projects which require unique specifications. We can also cater for more specialised projects by offering the services of our home-made content management system.

By processing the customer’s source XML into a database, we are able to manipulate the data using the following processes:

  • Taking data exported either out of a customer’s own database or Librios to produce QPM proofs. Through Penta (and the ‘Quick Page Make-up’ process) we can minimise human error and create proofs from core data with the click of a button
  • Using Librios and our in-house scripts which run through InDesign, we can dramatically re-design a whole book with a new page-layout. We can then process the data to become print-ready PDFs, e-books, web-ready PDFs, a website hosted by the database, or a live XML feed suitable for an app

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