About us: The Future of RefineCatch

Who are we?

RefineCatch is an experienced, highly motivated and dedicated team which is always looking to the future. Whether it is the next challenge, the next industry advancement, or the next generation of typesetters coming into the business.

Our ambitions:

We are expanding our business by producing a top-quality product for our customers at a competitive price. Our processes are continually updated for technical advancements to ensure we maintain our high-standards and productivity.
Our development of the digitised-side of the company is ever-expanding, with projects on the horizon such as a home-made CMS-solution for small press and production.
We aim to grow as a team: whether it is to train current team members in new fields of expertise, or to pass on knowledge to the next generation.
Build relationships
We will continue to develop stronger and closer relationships with customers and suppliers:
  • to ensure we are able to advise and provide the optimal solution to meet customers’ needs
  • to pass on to customers the benefits of our efficient and cost-effective processes.
  • Quality Assurance
    Our reputation is everything to us, and we constantly strive to deliver the best results within the required time frame.
    We are proud of the work we produce and we will always strive to keep everyone involved happy – customers and our team alike.

    To read about the company’s history, click here.

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    Each member of our management team has a LinkedIn account; they would be happy to answer any questions regarding business opportunities:
    Managing Director

    David Francis

    Customer Services Manager

    Adam French


    Adam French