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What we do for Wisden:

  • Annually, we typeset their world famous cricketing almanack from Librios, a content management system
  • Assistance is provided with regards to database imports, exports and upkeep
  • We are able to produce automatically generated page proofs at the touch of a button by using the software Penta and QPM
  • We also supply the e-books, which involves truncating the manuscript quite severely.

Did you know…

The Cricketers’ Almanack is the longest running sports annual in history. It was founded in 1864, and annual publication has continued uninterrupted ever since.

To mark the 50th edition in 1913, only one cricketer of the year was announced, and it was John Wisden himself. He ended his career with 1,109 wickets and 4,140 runs, as well as 169 catches and one stumping.

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