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What we do for Bloomsbury Publishing:

  • Bloomsbury’s Academic titles are taken care of by our Project Managers
  • We provide typesetting and digital media for projects in their Children’s department
  • We supply various files to the customer including Word, EPUB, Mobi Pocket, InDesign application files, XML, E-PDF and Print PDF.

Did you know…

The Bloomsbury Academic & Professional division won the Bookseller Industry Award for Academic, Educational & Professional Publisher of the Year in both 2013 and 2014.

Bloomsbury’s best-selling Harry Potter books have sold a whopping 400 million copies worldwide, which includes the 68 various translations available. If we placed all the books ever sold in a line, it would reach over 40,000 miles. That is the equivalent of the Empire State Building’s height in books, 144,742 times.

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